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Funko Jimmy McGill Pop! Vinyl Figure

Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill Pop! Vinyl Figure

Breaking Bad ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Retro Action Figure Pre-Orders!

The pre-orders are live, check them out!

Breaking Bad Walter White ReAction FigureBreaking Bad Heisenberg ReAction FigureBreaking Bad Jesse Pinkman Cook ReAction Figure
Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman ReAction FigureBreaking Bad Walter White Cook ReAction FigureBreaking Bad Gustavo Fring Dead ReAction Figure

Mezco, Funko and more at NYTF – Lots of great stuff on the way!

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NerdBlock is Breaking Bad…

To celebrate the launch of the Breaking Bad Spinoff, Better Call Saul, has partnered with Sony to include a really great exclusive item in the February block.

If you are not familiar with them, sends out mystery geeky subscription blocks full of 4-6 nerdy items and a custom t shirt every month for a great price. You may start and stop your Nerd Block subscription anytime you like, meaning there’s no commitment!

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Just Announced! Breaking Bad Saul Goodman 6-Inch Action Figure

Finding yourself in a precarious situation? “‘S all good man!” We have just the right criminal… lawyer for you. This classic character provided more than just legal loopholes and comic relief. Known for his nonchalance and questionable advice, Saul quickly won over fans worldwide in the hit show Breaking Bad. Walter and Jesse narrowly made it through their troubles with his legal counsel and now this 6-inch action figure can stand as a reminder when you’re in a bind, “Better call Saul!” His pinstriped business suit is complimented by his token wireless headset and light blue Wayfarer 515 awareness ribbon. The Breaking Bad Saul Goodman 6-Inch Action Figure comes complete with his business card in a display friendly blister card package. Ages 15 and up.

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Sneak Peek – Better Call Saul: No Parking

Love it!

Breaking Bad Better Call Saul Goodman 6-Inch Bobble Head Review

With the amazing success of the show, we all knew we would get more and more cool collectibles and  Mezco Toyz has created some great ones that we have picked up from With this bobble head you can finally own everyone’s favorite criminal lawyer. Saul’s ability as a lawyer would be similar to a Dayton criminal defense attorney. You lawyer should be able to fight back against your charges and assist you in any way possible during any troubling times.Today, we take a look at the Saul Goodman 6-Inch Bobble Head which you can purchase right now at this link for $14.99

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The first think I noticed as soon as I unpacked him was the top quality of this bobble head, sometimes people think bobble and assume it will be cheap or not made well, but that is not the case with this. This is a top quality collectible with great packing to keep it secure and great detail on the figure and base.

The paint applications are clean and neat, the detail of Saul Goodman in his iconic pinstripe suit, yelling into his wireless headset  are all perfect.  The base is awesome, paying homage to the classical plinth of the columns in his office. Saul and the base are about 6 1/2-inches tall and features quality bobble action.


Another area where this collectible exceeds is that is had a great likeness of Bob Odenkirk! This is a must have for Breaking Bad fans and collectors and will only get more popular when his new show, Better Call Saul, debuts later this year. Now In Stock at, click here!

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Pop! Television: Breaking Bad

YO! From the Funko lab…

After MANY requests… From the 10 time Primetime Emmy winning television series…We’re serving you a fresh batch of Breaking Bad Pop!’s!

These Pop!’s are as addicting as Blue Crystal! All of your favorite characters are available in their most iconic attire! We even captured Gus’ extraordinary death in Pop! form! Check him and the rest of the characters out below!

The Breaking Bad Pop! Series will be available in July at Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, and


Better call Saul!

Mezco Presents Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Bobblehead

This unforgettable figure features the notorious Saul Goodman in his iconic pinstripe suit, forever yelling into his wireless telephone earpiece. Everybody’s favorite sleezeball stands victoriously on a classical plinth reminiscent of the columns in his office. Relive the tense, edge-of-your-seat excitement as Mezco’s Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Bobblehead stares at you; nodding solemnly as if to say “Better call Saul!” Saul and base stand 6-inches tall and features bobble action. He comes complete in a collector friendly box.

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