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Star Wars and Breaking Bad Mash Ups/Fan Art

Being a big fan of both Star Wars and Breaking Bad, I found these mash ups to be great. All were found via Google Images search for “Breaking Bad Star Wars”, Check out my top 5!

#1 – From artist PJ McQuade


#2 – Walter White Empire Business Breaking Bad Star Wars Darth Vader Heisenberg digital
by justin13art

#3 – Via

# 4 – Something Awful forums via

# 5 – Something Awful forums via

Inside Breaking Bad: Season 5 Episode 16, “Felina”

Fans Place Walter White Obit in Albuquerque Newspaper


The “Unofficial Breaking Bad Fan Tour” Facebook group  took out ad space in the Oct. 4 issue f the Albuquerque Journal to place an obituary for the dearly departed character on the AMC drama, which wrapped its five-season run Sept. 29. The obit, which includes a mug of actor Bryan Cranston, ran on page A4 of the Journal. According to, the ad cost $166 with tax.



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