Mezco Presents Breaking Bad Limited Edition Challenge Coins Series 2

Mezco presents a series of limited edition of Breaking Bad challenge coins that are sure to be prized by fans and become the focal point of any collection.

Challenge coins have a rich history, extending back to WW1 they have been used to show allegiance and build camaraderie.  The producers of the renowned, award winning television series Breaking Bad distributed a limited number of coins to the cast and crew each year as a keepsake to commemorate producing another season of what some have hailed and the best tv show ever.

Now Mezco is offering fans their own version of collector coins. Each of Mezco’s brass coins is crafted by skilled artisans who are experts in coinage.  Each layer of colored enamel is applied by hand before the firing process. The finished coins have a durable hard finish, and a protective vinyl clear case is included to keep each coin in mint condition.

Altogether, 3 different styles of coins will be produced. Each is a limited edition run of 200.  All will feature the Breaking Bad logo on the reverse (tails) and a unique design on the obverse (heads) will be offering a Magnet with a phrase from the show.

It can be pre-ordered here:

BBToy Store will be offering coins featuring the logo of Schraderbrau.

It can be pre-ordered here:

Vegas Dead Dolls will be offering coins featuring the Vamanos Pest logo.

It can be pre-ordered here:

The coins will be delivered mid-July, making them the perfect gifts for Breaking Bad fans! But with editions of only 200 of each coin, fans will have to act fast!

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